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Family-Owned Business

Since 2004, our family has been passionately involved in breeding AKC Labrador Retrievers, embarking on a journey that has brought us immense joy and fulfillment. What started as a humble endeavor quickly blossomed into a deep-rooted commitment to producing exceptional canine companions. With each passing year, our knowledge, experience, and love for these beautiful creatures have grown, shaping us into the dedicated and reputable dog breeders we are today.



Welcome to our family-owned Labrador dog breeding business, where our passion

for this wonderful breed drives us to produce exceptional Labradors. With years of experience and a deep love for Labradors, we are dedicated to raising healthy,

well-tempered, and beautiful companions and working dogs.

We select our breeding stock to ensure the highest standards of health, temperament, and breed characteristics. Our Labradors are not just breeding dogs; they are cherished members of our family, receiving the utmost care, nutrition, exercise, and socialization. We prioritize health and temperament. Our dogs and approved studs have testing/health clearance for OFA – hips and elbows, and genetic testing including EIC. Our commitment to responsible breeding practices, education, and ongoing support ensures that our puppies find loving homes and create lifelong bonds with their families.

Thank you for considering Pike River Labradors.
We are excited to help you find a Labrador companion that will bring
joy, love, and loyalty to your family for years to come.

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